Hibiscus Tea Benefits For Blood Pressure and Cholesterol

hibiscus tea how to makeHibiscus tea, also often known as sour tea has recently been linked with lowering the levels of blood pressure and cholesterol. In other words, drinking this tea on a regular basis is seen to affect these levels in the body – due to their antioxidant content as well as other substances. And today we shall look a little deeper into these claims – as well as all the other information you may need to get these benefits!

So let’s get started on this state flower of Hawaii… while it may be the state flower there, it is easily grown in various parts of the world – the Middle East, Africa, India and even Europe, to name just a few. But besides the benefits of the fresh flower, there is more ‘magic’ in the dried variety, especially for those having high levels of cholesterol or blood pressure. And why do we say that?

What the tea tastes like

The fact that it’s also known as ‘sour tea’ should give you a hint about what it tastes like. Yes, it is a tangy sour brew and it can be had hot or cold. And this is not surprising considering that the main components of the ‘tea’ will be hibiscus acid (allo-hydroxycitric acid lactone), tartaric acid, malic acid and citric acid. With as much acid content, it is sure to taste sour – but these along with the anti-oxidants or phytochemicals, makes for the amazing health benefits.

How it works
As you can tell by now, its activity is manifold. And here is just taking a look at how it is beneficial in the case of high blood pressure:
Blood pressure levels seemed to be lowered in individuals with prehypertension, or mild hypertension with the regular consumption of hibiscus tea.
Its anti-cholesterol properties ensure that cholesterol plaque buildup doesn’t contribute to arterial wall hardening, therefore indirectly affecting blood pressure.
Also its anti-oxidant benefits from ensure that the damage free-radical damage to the arteries and heart are minimized, keeping blood pressure further regularized.

Continue Reading: http://www.bpnutritions.com/hibiscus-tea-for-blood-pressure-the-proven-link

This article first appeared in BP Nutritions.

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